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Our current production large caliber rifle, the Viper, is available chambered in .50 BMG, and is available in left or right hand configuration.
The Viper is manufactured using state of the art Wire EDM machines, CNC Milling and Lathe Systems, which allow us to hold each and every firearm to exacting; specifications.

Using this innovative technology, we have been able to make major improvements over other large caliber rifles, including a 30 M.O.A. Picatinny style rail milled directly on the receiver (not bolted down), and a gun that features no welded parts or components.

The Viper is available in Right or Left Hand versions and the price is the same.

Innovative technology has allowed the Viper major improvements over other large caliber rifles. In the hands of the right shooter the Viper is easily capable of much less than 1 minute of angle of accuracy.


Caliber Currently chambered in 50 BMG
Action Single shot bolt action with massive three lug bolt design with Primary Shell
Barrel 29” Chrome Moly steel with Black Oxide coating. Match grade bore, with Mil-Spec chamber standard. 1 in 15” twist. Match chambering and other barrel lengths are optional at additional cost. The barrel is free floating from the receiver out.
Brake Current production brakes are made from steel using a fish gill design and are very effective at reducing the felt recoil of the 50 BMG and .510 DTC EUROP.
Trigger Pull  Approximately 3 1/2 lbs.
Lock Time 1.76 millisecond – (Charles Fagg – Tioga Engineering Company)
Weight Ships at 24 lbs.
Length 52 1/2”
Pull Length 16 1/2 standard (Custom lengths available)
Bi-pod Detachable, folding legs, adjustable 7” to 10 1/2”
Stock Solid one piece Extruded Aluminum mainframe with integral scope rail to fit
Picatinny or Weaver rings. Scope rail has 30 moa built in. Unique fastening system locks the scope rail rigid to the barrel at the receiver. Black Dura Coat color is standard. Gray, OD Green, or Custom painting available at additional cost.
Safety Rotating drum safety which blocks the trigger and sear incorporates a new automatic safety. Safety engages when the gun is loaded. (This can be disabled) Interlocking mechanism prevents removal of the Trigger Housing when bolt is in battery position preventing accidental discharge.

* Item shown may have optional components.

Viper Manual (PDF)